Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 20, 2022 15:11

Alerts are an active and auditable communication tool. Assigned staff are informed of the alert and told they must log into the site to see the message. Create an Alert via Staff > Alerts > Create Alert. You can specify who receives an alert by role/days/teams/contracts/access levels.

When a staff member logs into the site, they are forced to see the message and acknowledge it before they do anything else on the site. No other actions can be done at all until the message is acknowledged.

This method provides you with a report of each staff member, when they acknowledged the alert and how long they read the message for. This allows you to see any staff members who have simply acknowledged the message without reading it.

Staff have permanent access to the alerts they have been sent.

In addition to requiring an acknowledgement, you can require an answer to a single question. This answer can be in the format of yes/no, multiple choice or a very short text reply. The provided information will be shown on the report with yes/no and multiple choice answers summarised into percentages too.

We recommend alerts are used sparingly when an auditable response is needed and when you must be able to prove all staff have read the message. All other communication should use the news feature.