Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 20, 2022 15:09

StaffSavvy’s News feature allows you to easily send email communication out to staff or to post new items to the site for future reading.

This should be the default way of communicating to staff.

News is a passive communication meaning that staff are not forced to read it and can simply ignore the message. News is shown on the dashboard and new items are highlighted for attention.

When creating news, you can choose different segments of your staff to receive the news message. You can control who has permission to create news with the dedicated permission that you can assign to levels. This will grant them permission to create news and send it to accounts they have access to. All accounts will have the My News section automatically. You can Add news by navigating from Staff > News > Add News.

Through the site, staff can send a personal message to the person who created the news article if they want to reply or ask a further question.


You can configure useful settings such as publication date, expiry date and push notifications for the information.

SMS messages are limited to 140 characters so the site will ask you to create a condensed version of the message to send via SMS. Please note that each SMS will cost a credit to send so ensure you only send to the staff you need to.

Staff can see all of the news items you have sent them (as long as they have not expired) within their account.

You can add Filters to specify who is sent out the News; these can be limited to specific roles, teams, working specific days.