Extra Shifts vs Offered Shifts vs Unassigned Shifts

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on January 25, 2021 14:35

Shifts normally have staff members assigned. There are some special shifts that do not have a staff member listed.

Extra Shifts

Extra shifts are available for any staff member to take as long as they have the same skill/role assigned as the shift. Other limitations and restrictions can apply including venues, hour limits, enforced rest and more.

Unassigned Shifts

These shifts are not available for staff to take themselves and must be manually assigned to the staff member. This is done in the same way as transferring a shift between staff members via Shift Week, Shifts Grid or Shift Timeline.

Offered Shifts

These shifts are between Extra and Unassigned shifts. Staff are notified about them however they can only offer to work. Once offered, a manager can then select the staff member to assign to the shift. Normally this is from those who have offered to work however you can also choose any staff member if none are suitable.