Global Settings

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on February 25, 2019 14:31

You can control a vast array of options for your organisation. These are managed under the System > Configuration > Global Settings.

General: Details

  • Entity Name
    This is the name that we’ll include on various parts of the system and should be your legal or trading name.
  • Business Week Starts
    For some reports and views, we need to know the start of the week.

General: Data Controller

We use this information on the registration screens as part of your GDPR compliance statement. GRPR compliance is your responsibility but we are ready to be compliant as your data processor.

General: Services

  • SMS
    SMS messages are used throughout the site for last minute notifications and urgent messages. You can disable this entire feature here but it will block everything from last minute reminders to evacuation lists.

General: Additional Employee Numbers

  • Till Numbers/References
    These can be used for additional employee numbers, till numbers or any other reference you want to store against an employee. This reference is used for some wagesheet exports. You can use the label fields to call this anything you want.
  • University Number
    These can be used for additional employee numbers or any other reference you want to store against an employee. You can use the label fields to call this anything you want. This is used for reference purposes only.

Payroll: Services

Each of these services add both employee reference fields, account codes, cost codes and more to the site to support the selected payroll service.

For additional information on each of the payroll services please speak to StaffSavvy Support.

Payroll: Export Formats

These additional export formats allow you to export wagesheets to different formats for use in other applications or to provide to third parties.

Descriptions on the export formats provide some information on the data they contain and how it will be presented.

For additional information on each of the payroll services please speak to StaffSavvy Support.


This page section allows for lots of different features to be turned on and off. The change will take place almost instantly and can be changed at any time.

Disabling a feature will not remove any data; it it will be retained until the feature is enabled again.

Configuration: Organisation

  • Reporting Year Start
    This is used for several reports in the system including year end for holiday entitlement
  • Default Time Format
    This is the format for all times shown in the system. Staff can override this on their own accounts too.

Configuration: Staff

  • When enabled, staff can request access to the site from the login page. Access must be granted before they have any access to the site at all.
  • Request Account: Anti-SPAM Secret Code
    When an answer is provided here, staff requesting an account must provide the same text as entered. This forms a secret code or secret answer that prevents spam account requests or requests from users who do not have legitimate access rights.
    Accounts provided without an access code will not be created and the information will not be saved.
  • Request Account: Prompt for Code
    This is the information the staff member will be asked for then requesting an account.
  • Automatically assign a PIN code when staff are authorised
    When enabled, the system will automatically assign PIN codes to all new accounts to be used with the Clock In Screens.
  • Approve Profile Photos
    When enabled this requires that all profile photos are approved before they are displayed to other users. It’s not normally required but can be used when needed.
  • Happy Birthday Message
    This message is automatically sent to staff on their birthday if they have chosen to share their day of birth
  • Right to Work Document Notes
    This is displayed when a document must be provided in person to be checked. It can be overridden per venue but this should be used to set where (and when) staff can have their documents checked and uploaded.

Configuration: Shifts

  • Regular Shift Creation
    Regular shifts can be used for staff assigned to a permanent or casual contract (see Contracts for details). Regular shifts are setup per day of the week and repeat every week. These shifts allow for any weekly shift patterns to be saved easily.Regular shifts can then be converted automatically to either sick pay or holiday pay. This setting states how far in advance the shifts should be created.
  • Send SMS Update
    If SMS is enabled then this will send SMS messages when changes are made to shifts at short notice. You can use this setting to choose the time frame to send SMS instead of email.
  • Force Shift Off Deadline
    This setting changes how far in advance of a shift is the forced shift off decision made and SMS sent. Read more about the Shift Off feature.

Configuration: Time Entries / Clock Ins

  • Late Excuse
    This is the reason/excuse that is selected automatically by the system when a staff member is late to a shift. The grace period between the start of the shift and being marked as late can be set per venue.
  • No-Show Excuse
    This is the reason/excuse that is automatically selected by the system when a staff member does not show up for a shift.
  • Allow Breaks
    This enabled/disables the break options for the entire organisation
  • Force Breaks
    When enabled, this will force unpaid breaks into shifts even if staff did not clock out for the shifts. This allows you to not have staff clock out for breaks but for the unpaid breaks to be automatically deducted from their shifts.
  • Quick Breaks
    This feature allows breaks of fix times (eg 15mins, 20mins) to be added to a shift at the click of a button. You can enter the break options here in minutes. Separate each option with a comma. E.g:10,15,30Will offer quick breaks for 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes.
  • Merge Back-to-Back Shifts
    This setting will automatically merge back-to-back shifts for a staff member who are working the same role within the same venue. It allows breaks to be correctly calculated and keeps the timeline and reporting simpler.
  • Require PIN Codes
    This option is not recommended. When enabled, it requires staff to enter a PIN code to clock in or out. This means there is extra admin for staff and managers.
  • Time Entry Rounding
    This option rounds all time entries to the set period. It’s not recommended as StaffSavvy is happy to handle minutes and seconds of shifts without a problem. As the figures are exported automatically to payroll services, there is no need to round hours for human use.
  • Allow Cost Codes
    This option displays cost codes on the shift grid page and within time entries. It allows you to set specific costs per a whole day or on certain time entries and then use the wage report groupings to report on the shifts.This allows cross-charging of hours and well as reports on each type of event etc.

Configuration: Clock In Screens

  • Display Webcam
    The clock in screens can display a feed from the device’s webcam on the page. This helps to deter staff clocking in other staff members as it appears to be a CCTV feed. When enabled, you might still need to allow the browser to access the webcam; this is normally shown as a warning popup or an icon in the address bar.
  • Record Webcam
    Note: this requires the webcam to be displayed. You cannot secretly record from the webcam. When enabled, this will take a photo using the webcam at the moment staff clock in and out on the system. These can be reviewed via the Process Wages page and the Wagesheets.
    Photos are only stored for a limited period; see the Date Retention tab in the Global Settings to see how long the photos will be stored for.
  • Auto Clock Out After Shifts
    This option will forcibly clock out all staff from their shifts. It’s not recommended as the manager review process will catch all staff who have not clocked out and allows better control. By forcing a clock out, you also do not have a record of when the employee might have actually worked to even if it is adjusted later.
  • Auto Clock Out Unexpected Shifts
    This option is the same as the previous one but applies to staff who have clocked in with a PIN code and thus the system does not know when they should be working to. The option will simply clock out the member of staff after the set number of hours. This option is not recommended as the manager review process will catch these shifts and ask for expressed approval.
  • Treat PIN Clock Ins
    This is an option to change what happens when an employee clocks in with just a PIN and no planned shift. By default, the shifts will be marked as unexpected and it will be flagged for approval within the daily shift review to be approved.The other option is that the site will expect everyone to clock in and out with a PIN code and accept the shift as a normal shift.
  • Break Access
    Fixed break patterns are a set of shift lengths and the breaks each length of shift can take. Please contact StaffSavvy support to configure the breaks for you. Breaks can also be paid or unpaid.The free breaks basically allows every employee to clock out for a break and take as long as they want. All unlimited breaks are unpaid.
  • Remote Deauthorisation
    This setting allows you to block any deauthorisation attempts on the screens themselves. They must be deauthorised via the Manage Clock In Locations page.

Configuration: Data Retention

  • Automatically Archive Inactive Staff
    This option will automatically mark staff to be archived when they have been inactive in the system for a set period of time. This will simply disable their access from the site and remove them from staff lists etc.A future version of StaffSavvy will also enable you to start a leaving checklist similar to the onboarding checklist.
  • Archive After
    How many months a staff member must be inactive for before being automatically archived.
  • Apply to Levels
    You can choose which levels the automatic archive option applies to. This is to prevent senior managers who might not use StaffSavvy often from being removed repeatedly.