Shifts vs Time Entries

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on January 25, 2021 14:35

It's important to understand how StaffSavvy uses Shifts and Time Entries to generate your time sheets and attendance record.

Shifts are the plan. They are normally created and edited in advance and stop being editable once they should have started.

Time Entries are actually what happened and, critically, what should be paid.

Shifts do not automatically create Time Entries. Normally a staff member will clock into their planned shift and this will create a time entry. It's these time entries that are reviewed, approved and paid. Some staff are also allowed to clock in without a shift so this will just be a time entry.

If a staff member does not show up for a shift, they will have their shift automatically marked as non-attendance. This will not automatically create a time entry as the staff member did not clock in. If they did actually work then a time entry can be added from the Daily Shift Review page when it confirms the reason for non-attendance. If this is not possible then simply add a time entry for the staff member and correct the attendance flag on the shift via Manage Shifts

If a staff member worked unexpectedly and they need to be paid for that shift then an additional time entry can be added via the weekly timesheets or the process wages page. This time entry will ensure they will be paid for their time.