Artifax Event

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 13:23

Artifax Event is a leading Venue and Event Management solution. We have collaborated with them directly to bring their event information including resource booking requests directly into StaffSavvy.

This allows managers to see all important information from Artifax directly in the rota creation and shift management pages of StaffSavvy. This also includes details such as cost codes, custom fields and resource bookings.

Integration Setup

To enable this integration, go to the Integration tab within System > Global Settings. You will need to know your Artifax URL and you will need to have created an API key for StaffSavvy to use. Enter these details and click save.

It might take a few minutes for the sync to complete and initial data be downloaded. To confirm the sync is working, go to edit a venue. You will find an Artifax tab. There should now be a list of Artifax rooms shown.

Contact StaffSavvy support if you have any issues with this integration.

Venue Configuration

Select the rooms in Artifax that you wish to match to this venue in StaffSavvy. Multiple rooms can be shown on multiple venues.

Once chosen, update the status filter below and choose which Artifax event statuses you want to show. This allows you to ignore events not yet confirmed or cancelled.

The remaining settings allow you to choose what information is included on the page. By syncing the events to StaffSavvy’s events, you will override anything already entered there. If you choose to keep the information separate then you can see the Artifax event and then enter your own title. Your title will be what is shown in reports and to staff.

You are able to pick and choose the resources and custom fields you wish to display within this venue. This allows you to have multiple venues importing data from the same Artifax rooms but display different parts of the information so it’s always relevant.

Rota Template Creation

Under each Role within StaffSavvy you can assign anArtifax resource so the system understands which resources match up to either other.

This allows StaffSavvy to build roster templates automatically from the requested resources booked in Artifiax. The template will be created, the correct roles assigned and the template assigned to the correct day within the Rota Schedule.

It’s then just a case of making any adjustments and previewing the generated shifts.

Artifax and StaffSavvy

There is a slight difference between how Artifax and StaffSavvy handle events. Artifax is event-focused whereas StaffSavvy is flexible with events; staff are shown as working at an event based on when they are working.

This allows you to have staff working outside of events, longer than event times and non-event staff. This is important to understand when looking at how shifts are matched to events. The shift should start after the start time shown for the event in StaffSavvy (not the start time in Artifax).

Changes made in Artifax will update in StaffSavvy automatically over the course of the day.