Flow Learning Integration

Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 13, 2022 11:03

Flow Learning is a hugely popular training platform in the UK and StaffSavvy has worked on allowing you to bring in data and certificates that have completed in Flow to your staff profiles on StaffSavvy.

This integration can automatically sync staff up to Flow and download their completed certificates directly to their account in StaffSavvy and log straight into their Flow account.

  • To enable this integration go to Global Settings > Integrations. From here enable Flow Integrations under Flow MS.
    Firstly, enable integration, then, you will need your Company ID and API secret which allows us to access and sync your Flow account.
    When setting up Flow integration it is important to make sure that all staff members have a job title, otherwise Flow can not recognise them. This is because once set up, Flow will use the Job Title to recognise staff members and let them know what training they need to do. Flow will allocate tasks to staff members based on the Job Title assigned to them in the Staff Savvy system.

    Another feature available with Flow integration is that once training is completed on Flow, it is then possible to download certificates into Smart Savvy. Once the certificate code from Flow is entered the certificate will appear automatically on a Staff Member’s profile.
    If there is training to be completed on Flow, it will appear on a staff member’s profile page under the Training & Roles tab and will take you to Flow Hospitality’s login page.