SagePeople Integration

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 13:24

SagePeople is Sage’s HR system; we’ve introduced a simple integration using their new V3 API which allows us to automatically pull down data from SagePeople’s system.

  • Automatically link staff accounts based on their email address
  • Automatically invite staff from SagePeople into StaffSavvy
  • Download booked absences in SagePeople into StaffSavvy for use with rotas

Unfortunately, SagePeople does not currently support the upload of data into their system so any data you need to import back to SagePeople will need to be completed manually.

This integration can be enabled under Global Settings > Integrations. You will need access to SagePeople running v3 of their API.

Once the connection is made, you can configure the data sync as required and use the Enabled option to turn on the sync as needed.