Accepting Applications

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 15, 2019 12:20

Public Site

The public site is always accessible and will show visitors all available positions. This site also allows applicants to login to see their past applications and the status of any recent applications.

Applicant Code

To access their existing applications, applicants need to enter their email address and applicant code.

The code is emailed to them the first time they provide their email address. They can also re-request their code from the login page any time.

Once an applicant has a code then they will be required to be logged in whenever they apply to a position. This is to ensure all of the applications are in the same place and applicants don’t need to log into different accounts to see different applications.

Automatic Save

The application forms automatically check and save all validated answers as they are provided. As soon as a green tick is shown next to the answer then the details have been successfully checked, encrypted and saved.

Submitting Applications

An application is only accepted if the person completes all required questions and clicks the submit application on the summary page at the end of the form.

If the application is not submitted then it will not appear for shortlisting.

If allowed, applications can amend their application. They must re-submit it once they are happy with the amendments.

The system will automatically email a reminder to all applicants who have not submitted their application forms 24 hours before the closing date/time.