Application Feedback

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on April 07, 2020 12:21

This allows for shortlisters to add notes to an application as decisions are being made. The feedback notes can be added on the application detail page at any time during the shortlisting process. The button is next to the Application Notes button at the top of the application.

This will open a window containing the notes currently on the application. This is only one set of notes per application so all shortlisters or managers with access to the application can view and edit.

It’s important to note that the application feedback can be set to automatically be emailed through to any unsuccessful applicants.

Including notes within rejection emails

If allowed, the system will automatically include these notes in the rejection email content. This helps to provide feedback to applicants automatically rather than requiring them to get in touch.

To include the notes on the rejection email, simply include the text “#feedback#” in the email template; either on the portal template or within the new position email template. This will also include some text so that if there is no feedback then the email will show a blank space.

If feedback has been provided on that application then it will turn

“We’re sorry that you have been rejected from this position.



“We’re sorry that you have been rejected from this position.

Feedback on your application:It could have been better (for example)”