Draft and Final Decisions

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 15, 2019 12:23

Regardless of the shortlisting type, shortlisters will need to make decisions on each application.

Draft decisions allow shortlisters to indicate decisions while reviewing all applications before making confirmed decisions. A draft decision is only shown internally and never to the applicants.

There are two ways to record a draft or final decision on an applicant. Either at the top of the application form or in bulk from the list of the applications. Use the selection boxes on the right side of the page to select the applicants you wish to update. An update box will appear at the bottom to choose the new draft or final decision.

The only decision that cannot be completed in bulk is the Offer Employment step. This is currently only available within an application.

Reject Process

By default, any application who is rejected will automatically receive a reject email with your messaging. You can set default messages for the whole recruitment portal under the portal settings. You can then also override this on the position and include more specific details for that role.

Using the application notes, you can also include feedback to the applicant on why they were rejected.

Silent Rejection

There are occasions where it might be insensitive to email the applicant about their rejection. This might be due to personal circumstances or communications with the applicant outside of the portal.

There is a silent rejection option available to recruitment managers (not shortlisters) who can silently reject the application. This will not email the applicant.