Recruitment Add-On Introduction

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on April 06, 2018 13:32

Welcome to StaffSavvy’s Recruitment Add-On. This is an optional, additional-charge, add-on module that is designed to help you publicise, receive the best applications, shortlist fairly and effectively, manage interviews and finally make job acceptance and on-boarding easy.

As with all StaffSavvy tools, the recruitment add-on is designed to cope with large workforces and keep administration down to a minimum.

Enabling the Recruitment Add-On

As the recruitment add-on has an additional cost, only users with both finance and global configuration access can enable the add-on.

Go to the global configuration page under System > Configuration > Global Settings. Under the Features tab, scroll to the Add On Modules section. Simply enable the add on and click save.

You should immediately see the Recuitment menu item appear in the main menu.

Access Levels

There are several access levels associated to this add-on. They will be displayed under the Control Permissions page in their own section.

We recommend you check these permissions to ensure the right levels have access.

Note: Staff members who will be shortlisting applications do not need to have access to the recruitment add-on. Once assigned as an application shortlister, the system will grant limited access to the associated applications.

This ensures the staff members can short list the applications and make decisions (based on their shortlisting role for that job position). It also ensures that these staff do not have access to further details of the applicants including the un-blinded application forms and private information.