Recruitment Interviews

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on April 07, 2020 12:22

One of the more exciting parts of the recruitment process, we’ve tried to make it easy and simple or organise interviews for lots of potential employees at once.

Create Interview Slots

An interview slot is a fixed time and date that one or more applicants are expected to be interviewed.

When creating a slot, you will be asked for the date and start time of the first slot. You will then be asked how many shots you want to have in that session, how long each slot is and if you wish a gap between slots. You also set how many applicants will be interviewed in each slot.

The system will automatically create the slots based on the durations and gaps requested. For example, three slots of 1 hour long with a 15min gap between them starting at 9am will create the following:

  • 9am - 10am
  • 10:15am to 11:15am
  • 11:30am to 12:30pm

If you wish to have a longer break (for lunch for example) then simply limit the slots for the morning session and add another new interview slot for after lunch.

For each slot you can enter the location of the interview and a long form notes. The notes will be displayed to the applicant once they have selected the interview slot.

Invite to Interview

You can invite applicants to interview individually or in bulk. The bulk option will send invites to all eligible applicants if their draft status is Suggested Interview (e.g. they have an individual invite button next to their application)

This will email the applicant to invite them to select an interview slot. You can edit the text of the interview email under the Portal Settings page.

The applicant will need to log in with their email address and unique applicant code (they can re-request this if they have lost it). They will then be shown all of the available interview slots and will be asked to confirm which they can attend.

Once selected, their slot will be shown on your shortlist dashboard.

Manage Interview Booking

Once invited to interview, a manager can also choose the interview slot for the applicant. This is shown as Book Interview next to the Invite to Interview email. The example below shows a re-interview process too.

Once an interview is booked, you can unbook the interview (so the applicant can book a new slot) or you can pick a new interview slot for them. Both of these actions will email the applicant straight away with either the rebooking instructions or the details for the interview.


If desired, you can request an applicant re-interview. Simply add new interview slots and then send the re-interview email. This is a button that will be shown next to the applicant after their booked interview date.