Recruitment Portal

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 15, 2019 12:12

This is the public part of the recruitment process that will list all of your open positions for potential applicants to apply to.


By default, your portal is located at /apply from your main StaffSavvy login page.

For example, if your StaffSavvy login is then your public recruitment portal is

If desired the portal can be changed so that it is a subdomain of your main website or a completely separate domain.

For example, you might want to use to access the portal.

Please contact StaffSavvy support for more details and options.


Access the options for your portal under the Recruitment menu option > Settings > Portal Settings.

General Tab

These are the basic text that will be shown on the front of the site. Experiment with different text to see how this affects your homepage layout.

The language option at the bottom of this tab allows you to set what the site should call each position. Ensure this is a singular word and capitalised so the site can use this in different situations. Recommended examples include Position, Role & Job.

Email Content Tab

This tab contains the text that will be included with various emails sent from the site. You can bespoke the language to suit your organisation.

You can use the #position# text to mail-merge the title of the position the email relates to into the email content.

Design Tab

This tab allows you to set your own colours used throughout the front of the site. Simply click each of the colours and choose the relevant colour you want to use.

If you have web programming skills, or a staff member with those skills, they can also create your own CSS styles to use on the site. This gives you complete control over the colours and some layout within the portal.

Simply enter your CSS on this page and click save to apply the CSS.

You are also able to edit the portal’s HTML footer. This allows you to add your own content to the portal directly.