Scoring Forms

Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 13, 2022 10:58

Scoring forms allow for more specificity in the recruitment process.You can now create your scoring form separately and assign them to the position at any time before you start scoring your applicants.

You can assign different scoring forms for the interview process; unlimited rounds of scoring to match the number of interview rounds you conduct. See these under Recruitment > Forms > Scoring Forms.

This removes the requirement of our application forms to have scoring schemes assigned before opening the position to applicants. It also means that you can separate the scoring of application forms, interview sessions and more. Interview sessions can then be separated from application forms.

Forms can be used for both interview and scoring questions (i.e. additional practical questions not included in the application). The advantage of these forms is that they are not seen by applicants, only the scorer, so the scorer can mark them on questions that they don’t want the applicant to see and also to add interview questions that the scorer will need to mark them on.

To create a new Scoring form navigate to Recruitment > Forms > Application forms.

Click the ‘Scoring Help’ button under the cog icon to leave information for recruitment shortlisters on how to score/if there is additional detail about what this question means.

By clicking ‘more’ under the Manage Scoring Forms page, you can set a category for your form and create a copy of the form that has been created.

To integrate Scoring forms into the application go to Recruitment > Manage Positions. Here you will see a list of the current available positions being recruited for. To add a scoring form, go to ‘Edit’ and go to Short Listing, here you can add a shortlisting form. There are three options to score the form, these are;

  • Score Answers out of Ten
  • Score Answers out of Five
  • Draft Decision/Quick Decision

Make sure you choose answers out of 5 or answers out of 10 to enable the scoring forms.

Below this, under Interviews you can choose to add an Interview Scoring Form.

Then from here the Scoring Forms will appear when you view your applications and will be at the bottom of the application. The ‘Interview Scoring’ will only appear once an interview has a booked date.

By clicking on View Application/Interview Scoring you will be able to score answers based on the scoring system you set up in the application settings, i.e. out of five.