Available Shifts

Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 22, 2022 17:35

“Available Shifts” displays a list of shifts that you are able to take due to your role and skill set. This list displays

  • The date of the shift
  • Any tasks that are set to be completed
  • Start and end times
  • The role
  • Who is requesting cover (or whether it is an extra shift available)
  • The venue (if you happen to work at multiple venues)
  • Whether the shift clashes with your requested holiday or nights/hours off

Extra Shifts vs Offered Shifts

Extra shifts are first come, first serve. You can put restrictions on how many extra shifts staff members can take but there is no manual control over who takes each shift as long as they can work at that venue and have the right roles assigned. They must also meet all of their contract requirements/limits.

To take or accept a shift, a staff member must click the “Take” button in the final column. This will now be added to their main shift list.

‘Offered’ shifts allows staff to show interest in the shift. A manager can then assign the shift to one of those staff members.

To offer to work, a staff member can click the Offer button and confirm they are happy to work that shift if chosen.

Staff can only take/offer to work a shift if it is for a skill that they have assigned to them and it does not break any of the rules setup for taking shifts or on their assigned contract. For example, they can’t take a shift if they are already working or if it will breach their working hours limits etc.

My Shifts alongside Available Shifts

Staff can toggle viewing their own shifts alongside the available shifts on the available shifts page. This option is at the top in the actions menu.

It allows staff to see the shifts they have already committed to when viewing other shifts they might wish to work.

Shift Acknowledgement or Confirmation Process

These two options allow you to require staff to acknowledge or confirm their shifts when they are assigned to them or changes are made to their times or venues.

This option is set either on the contract (so staff with a certain contract need to acknowledge or confirm their shifts) or on a venue (so all shifts at a venue need to be confirmed or acknowledged).

Acknowledging shifts can be completed in bulk and the staff member does not have a way to reject the shift. It is simply a project for them to confirm they are aware of the shift and its details.

Confirmation requires staff to accept each shift. In addition, they have the option to reject the shift. This will return the shift to an unassigned status (you can choose which one within the venue’s settings).

There is a Shift Rejected trigger event that you can use to receive notifications when a shift has been rejected.