Creating Extra Shifts

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:34

Extra shifts are created and then listed in the “Available Covershifts” section for the relevant staff members.

To create an extra, select the necessary day, then select “Create extra shifts” from the “Actions” dropdown.

You will be directed to a new page (below) with the information to complete in order to create the extra shift or shifts.

  • Venue
    Select the appropriate venue.
  • Starting/Ending on … at
    Determine the start and end dates and times for the new shift.
  • Post as
    Select from the dropdown the appropriate status of the shift (normal, hidden, or locked).
  • Shift task
    Select any tasks that need to be completed during the shift.
  • Roles
    Determine the shift role that the extra shift is being created for. You can select up to three different roles.
  • Quantities
    Determine how many extra shifts for each role need to be created. If you leave the field blank then that role will not be added to the shift.

Once you are happy with the information, click “Create Shifts”.

You will see a confirmation message that these shifts have been created. You can then click the link to manage the shifts in more detail (adjust times and tasks, send the shift to a member of staff, and so on).