Creating Shifts Off

Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 22, 2022 17:35

In the event that you have scheduled too many people for a shift, you can either cancel a particular staff member’s shift, or create the opportunity for staff to elect to take the shift off.

Select the shift that you want to create the shift off for, then select “Create Shifts Off” from the “Actions” dropdown.

You will be directed to a new page (below) with the information to complete in order to create the shift or shifts that can be taken off.

Starting/Ending on …at or after/before: Select the dates and times that are available to take off.

Venue: Select the appropriate venue.

Roles: Determine which role or roles can be taken off.

Quantities: Determine how many staff members in each role are available to take the shift off.

Force?: If checked, the staff members that meet this criteria will be forced to take the night off. If unchecked, then this will appear in their “Available Shifts Off” list, and they can elect to take the shift or continue to work as scheduled.

Once you are happy with the details, click “Create Shifts Off”. These will then be added to the system and show in the relevant staff member’s “Shifts Off” list.