Duplicating Shifts

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:34

To duplicate a shift, firstly click on the shift that you would like to duplicate. Go to the Grid view for the day you wish to duplicate under the Shifts > Manage Shifts page. From the “Actions” dropdown, select “Duplicate shift.

You will see a popup (below) with the information to complete in order to duplicate the shift.

  • Copy to
    Determine the date of the new shift.
  • And repeat
    Determine whether the shift will be repeated (by day, week, or not at all).
  • Repeat Until
    If you do select the shift to be repeated, you can select an end date.
  • Include extra shifts
    If the original shift has extra shifts listed, you can choose to keep these in the new shift or remove them.
  • Convert all to extra shifts
    Rather than copying the staff members that are working the original shift, you can decide to open the new shift to all staff members. This will then appear in “Available Shifts”.
  • Copy shifts as:
    You can determine how the shift will display (the same as the original, return all shift states to normal, lock all shifts, or hide all shifts).

Once happy with the information, click “Duplicate Shifts”.

In the event that someone from the original shift is unable to work the duplicate due to a clash with an existing shift, you will be notified. These will not be copied to the new list, so you may want to either create a single shift (see Creating a Single Shift) or create extra open shifts (see Creating Extra Shifts) to account for the staff.

Duplicating a whole week

You are also able to duplicate all shifts within a given week at the same time. Use the Copy Week under the actions menu of the Manage Shift Week page.

The options are similar to those shown above.