Linked Shifts (Split Shifts)

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on February 22, 2019 13:11

Linked Shifts

Linked Shifts are two or more individual shifts that are joined together. A single staff member must be assigned to all of the linked shifts.

This is perfect for split shifts or staff that work two different roles back to back. Staff will see that the shifts are linked and if they wish to find cover, they must find cover for all of the linked shifts too (by the same staff member).

Linked shifts are new and can only be created via either a Rota Template or the new Quick Shift Template.

Rota Template with Linked Shifts

To add linked shifts to the rota template, simply use the Linked Shifts icon (). This will duplicate the shift with slightly changed times. The new shift will have a link icon next to the times to indicate the linked part.

When the preview shifts are created, the system will only allocate the linked shifts to a single staff member.

Quick Shift Templates with Linked Shifts

The quick shift templates can also be configured to create linked shifts. All that is needed is for both of the times to be added to the template and the Linked Shifts option set to Yes.

When choosing the template on the week view will automatically add both of the shifts in the template and link them together.