Manage Shift Week

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:37

This option allows a full week of shifts to be viewed and managed. There are several ways to view the shifts and these provide different layouts and functions.

There are three “views” of the week page:

  • All Shifts
    This will list all of the shifts at a single venue for the given week. This will include unassigned and extra shifts.
  • Home Staff/Assigned Staff
    This will display each of staff based or assigned at the selected venue. Each of their shifts will be displayed per day. You can easily add shifts using the green plus icons.
    Change between the Home Staff/Assigned Staff options on the venue details page.
  • Quick Edit
    This a different view of the Home Staff view that is designed to work in a similar way to Excel. Simply type in the times for shifts and they will be added.

All Shifts view sorted by Shift Start Time:

Each of the shifts on a given day will be shown and ordered by their start time. Unassigned and Extra shifts are marked as with an unknown face icon to further highlight that no one is yet working.

View by Skill/Role Hierarchy

You can also view this page by Skill / Role. Simply change the Sort by option in the top right of the screen to By Role Hierarchy.

This page will then show each of the roles assigned to your venue and the shifts within them for each day. You can set which roles to display under the Roles tab within your Venue Settings.

When in the hierarchy mode, you are able to use some new experimental tools. The first is that you can add a shift by simply typing the required times (9am to 5pm for example) into the Add a shift box and clicking the green icon.

The second new feature is when you hover over a shift, a cog icon will appear in the top right. Simply hover over this icon to get quick access to make changes to the shift:

  • Editing the shift will bring up the details for that shift and allow you to edit all of them quickly. You can also just click on the shift times to show this popup.
  • Transfer/assign shift will show you the send shift popup so you can choose a new staff member. You can also just click on the staff member’s name to show this popup.
  • Copy / copy as unassigned will create a new shift with the same times and details but mark it as unassigned so you can then choose a new staff member to work.
  • Cancel shift / delete shift will remove the shift.

Quick Edit

The quick edit tab is effectively a spreadsheet view of all shifts in a venue. You can simply enter the times for a shift in the grey boxes and StaffSavvy will understand the times and convert them into real shifts.

The staff member's default rota role will be used as the shift role so endure this is assigned beforehand. Once you enter the shift times, just click on the next box or elsewhere on the page for the shift to be saved. If it turns green and the times are changed to 24 hour formats then the shift has been accepted.

If the shift turns orange then there is an issue and you can hover over the box to see the detail.

The shifts are instantly saved so once the times are entered and accepted then it is complete.

Examples of times accepted:

  • "1pm to 4pm"
  • "1:45pm to 1am"
  • "13:00 to 18:00"
  • "1pm - 2pm"