Shift Schedule Creation - Managing Schedules

Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 22, 2022 17:41

This is where you can add the templates previously created to a schedule. This is under Shifts > Schedule Creation > Manage Schedule. These templates can be repeated on an ongoing basis, determined by the number of days or weeks until a certain date. The templates can also be used without repeating for special or irregular events.

At the top of the page, select the template, date, repeat pattern, and repeat until date and then click “Add”. These will then show in the calendar below. More than one template can be added to a particular day, allowing you to build up staffing as needed.

If your templates have been set to “Quick Add” then you can hover over the day to see a green + icon. Clicking on this will allow you to access the quick templates.

You can choose either to schedule each venue separately or you can use the Venue Groups to manage multiple venues at once. Use the action menu to choose the ops group to manage.

If required, you can clear all templates from your schedule under the Actions menu on the month view. This allows you to start afresh.

Calendar View

This is the default view and will show you the given month in a calendar view.

You can view Event titles and cost codes on this page by using the options on the right.

It displays the templates that are assigned to each day of the month. You can click the X to remove them from the template and click the title of the template to go straight to the template to edit it.

The system will also check and warn of problems in the templates used. The warnings are displayed as red exclamation marks next to the templates affected. Hover over the icons to see the reason.

If you are viewing a venue group of values then each venue will be listed and the templates shown for those assigned that day. Event titles and cost codes can be turned on and off from the top right of the page.

List View

Use the button on the left above the calendar to change to the List View.

This view is ideal to see further details about the templates or to view multiple venues at the same time. Each venue will be displayed across the top of the page.

Like the calendar view, you can toggle the display of the Event titles and cost codes using the options on the right of the page.

You are also able to enable a template details option. This will show a summary of the role requirements by shift times. It makes it easy to see how the day is scheduled.

Day View

Use the button on the left above the calendar to change to the Day View. This will show the templates across the venue/venue groups for a single day.

You can choose which day to view within the month at the top. Days in green have templates assigned to them. Days in red have event information added but no templates yet assigned.

The view allows for detailed budget information to be shown along with detailed event details if provided.

Customised Templates

If required, you can bespoke a template for a single use. This allows you to make adjustments to times or skills for one-off instance instead of creating a completely different template that you won’t use again.

To set this up, simply click on the template title on the calendar page or list page. You will see the option to bespoke the template.

This bespoke template will automatically be deleted when it’s no longer needed. You can convert the bespoke template to a real template (so it’s always available) but do this before the preview shifts are converted as the bespoke templates will be deleted once the shifts have been converted.