Mange Shifts (Overview)

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:20

Once a shift has been created you can check for changes or make updates. This is normally completed under Shifts > Manage Shifts in the menu.

The Shift Management page shows

  • The date of the shifts that have been created
  • How many shifts (how many staff members are working) on that day
  • If the shift is locked and cannot be edited
  • If the shift is hidden and cannot be seen by all staff
  • If there are extra shifts available that have not been taken
  • If any cover has been requested
  • Budget targets
  • Budget percentage (either staff cost percentage or percentage of budget depending on the venue settings)

From this page you are able to adjust the shift details by clicking the “Grid” or “Timeline” buttons, as well as print or cancel the entire shift. You can also see all of the relevant cover requests on a given day using the More button.

The print button will produce an easy to view list of staff and times. To print a copy of the timeline view, visit the timeline for the shift and use the Action button to print.

To see previous shifts, click the “Actions” button on the far right in the menu and select “Choose a previous shift”. This will now display all of the previous shifts. To change back to the upcoming, click the ‘Actions” button again and click “Choose an upcoming shift”.

The previous shifts page will include sales information and total hours per day.

Managing Single or Multiple Venues

By default, you will be managing a single venue/outlet. All of the rota creation and shift management screens can be used when managing a single location or a group of venues.

The groups are called Venue Groups and you can setup as many ops groups as you need and each group can have as many venues in it as needed. See Venue Groups for more information.

To choose which venue or ops group of venues you are editing choose venue groups under the venue selector in the top right.

The popup has two tabs, Venues and Venue Groups. Your currently selected view be in green and you can just click on an option to change views.

While you can see all venues in an Venue Group, you will still have a venue selected and this will be shown in a lighter blue colour.

Your selection will be remembered between pages and for when you next login so you only need to change this if you want to manage a different combination of venues.