New Shift Emails

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on October 16, 2020 08:22

New Shift Emails make it easier to ensure your staff are informed of all shifts and updates to shifts in a timely manner without receiving lots of emails from you.

There are several modes to consider. These are configured for each venue separately to allow complete control. It is the first option under the Shift Configuration tab when editing your venue.

  • No new shift email sent; updates always sent
    This is the default and what happened prior to this update. New shifts are added but no email sent to the staff member. Any updates to the shift (changes in times etc) are sent via email instantly.
  • Send an email immediately for every single shift added
    This option will email staff with their shifts as soon as they have been assigned out. This has limitations around hidden shifts and can cause a lot of emails to be sent to staff. It is not recommended.
  • Send a new shift notification email manually when you are ready
    This option allows you to send emails at the click of a button and is useful if you rota for long periods (2-3 months) at a time. This is not as intelligent as the final option as shifts added and emails not sent means staff could not receive emails for the shift.
    The option to send new shift emails is displayed on the Manage Shifts or Manage Shift Week pages in the actions bar.
  • Automatically send on a schedule
    This is the recommended option. It will automatically email all of your staff with their shifts on a schedule and will include existing and new shifts in the same email. It can also automatically un-hide your shifts so you can prepare a rota in advance and know it will be published automatically on schedule. As this option also knows when the next email will be sent, any shifts that take place before the next scheduled email will be sent to the staff member immediately. This ensures you staff always know their rota. Any venues that share the same email schedule (e.g. both send on a Monday) then the emails will be combined for the staff so they receive one email from the system.

Scheduled Email Options

There are lots of different schedule options to choose which day the emails should be send out. Note that the emails will be sent between 2am and 7am on this day.

We recommend setting the schedule to the day after you finish your rota. This will ensure you have finished any final adjustments before the emails are sent.

If you require an option not currently available then please email

Un-hiding Shifts

This option allows you to automatically un-hide all hidden shifts when you send out your new shifts. It effectively means the rota will be published at this point. If shifts are left as hidden then they will not be shown to staff in the email or via the site.

Example Email

The shift emails include all key details on a shift: date, times, venue, role/skill, task (if assigned) and shift event (if set).