Shift Acknowledgement

Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 22, 2022 17:41

These two options allow you to require staff to acknowledge or confirm their shifts when they are assigned to them or changes are made to their times or venues.

This option is set either on the contract (so staff with a certain contract need to acknowledge or confirm their shifts) or on a venue (so all shifts at a venue need to be confirmed or acknowledged).

Acknowledging shifts can be completed in bulk and the staff member does not have a way to reject the shift. It is simply a project for them to confirm they are aware of the shift and its details.

Confirmation requires staff to accept each shift. In addition, they have the option to reject the shift. This will return the shift to an unassigned status (you can choose which one within the venue’s settings).

There is a 'Shift Rejected' trigger event that you can use to receive notifications when a shift has been rejected.