Shift Assets

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:44

Shift Assets allow you to record when staff take particular items for use during a shift. The system can record items being checked out and back in. This does require staff to be clocked in.

This option is enabled under the Global Settings > Features tab. You will then get the option to add Assets under Shifts > Shift Settings > Shift Assets.

Each asset type can have a title and the number of items you want to track. This will prevent too many being lent out and will record how many you have remaining at any one time.

Once setup, you can then log assets in and out. Reach this page under Reports > Shift Assets.

Above you can see the shift assets listed out and every clocked in staff member is shown. Managers can simply click the Out button to register that a staff member has taken an item for the shift.

The system actively tracks who has which items for which time period and can later provide reports on who had items during specific time periods.

To return an item, the Back in tab lists who has which items and a quick click of the In button will return it:

You can add as many shift assets as you desire and manage how many of each asset you have available.