Shift Events and Cost Codes

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:38

You can configure multiple a whole month of cost codes and event titles on one page under Shifts > Shift Settings > Cost Codes & Events.

Within this page, you can also configure multiple codes and events per day.

Each day is listed with the Event and Cost Codes columns; only the columns that you have enabled in your settings will be shown. For example, if you do not use Events then this column will not be shown.

To edit or set a code, simply type it into the box. It will be saved instantly.

To add additional events or codes on the same day then click the plus icon to add a row with a time drop down. Simply select the time in the drop down for when the new event and cost codes will come into effect.

Any shift that starts after this time will be assigned that event or cost codes. Shifts that start before (even if they finish after) will use the previous settings.