Shift Ranges

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:43

Within Shift Settings you are able to set shift ranges. The first view will show all of the shift ranges that have so far been created. This allows you to make bulk changes to any shift within that range.

To create a new shift range click “Actions” in the right corner of the menu and “Create New Range”.

Here you can set the range with the following information:


  • Range Title
    A title that is easily recognisable and understandable.
  • Start/End Date (from/up to and including)
    The beginning and end dates of the shifts that you would like to include within the range.


  • Starting number of credits within range:
    Set the number of shifts that staff members can request cover for without having to cover another staff member’s shift. This essentially allows a credit system to be put in place so that staff members cannot continuously request cover for their own shifts without covering other staff members.
  • Number of covershifts worked which to gain extra credit
    In this credit system, staff members can earn ‘cover credits’ by working a number of cover shifts. You can determine how many covershifts someone needs to work in order to earn another credit here.
  • Number of covershifts which can be taken in advance
    You can determine how many covershifts can be asked for in advance of a shift being worked, i.e. if the restriction is set to 2, John can request two covershifts but must work at least one shift before he can request more.

Please note that the covershift management credit system is completely optional.