Shift Tasks

Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 22, 2022 17:39

Shift Tasks allow managers to assign a note to a shift for staff to know what they will be doing to exactly where they will be working within a venue.

Tasks do not limit who can work a shift; they are simply a note.

You can add and edit tasks under Shifts > Shift Settings > Tasks.


If required, you can add items to be completed as part of this task.

Staff will be shown that list on the shift details page and the manager can specify if they should confirm completion of each task and if there should be a notes section on any feedback from the staff member to the manager, e.g. “machine inspected, requires new handle”.

To set these up simply edit the task. You’ll see an ‘Add an Item’ button. This will add a row as per the layout below. Add as many items as you like, add titles, choose the report type and order them by dragging the blue icons. When happy, click save.

Note: once reports have been received for a task item then you will not be able to change the report type.