Staff Member’s Regular Repeating Shifts

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:39

Regular Repeating Shifts are shifts that are always assigned to this staff member every week or every rotation of weeks. The system will automatically add these shifts on a rolling basis several months in advance. You can change how many months in advance that the shifts are created in the Global Settings.

Manage the repeating shifts under the Actions menu of the staff member’s profile page.

The shift patterns can be any combination of hours on each given day. You can also set the venue, skill and shift task for each repeating shift.

You can also choose if the pattern of shifts is a single week or multiple different weeks that rotate. Choose how many weeks and a date that will be in week 1 to set this up.

You are also able to configure if the system should take notice of exemption dates (perfect if you are an organisation with term times), create shifts on national holidays and/or organisation holidays.

When saving, you will be asked to confirm a start date for these shifts. The system will then add the shifts from this moment onwards. The system will then continue to add the shifts months in advance. You can see how far in advance the shifts are created under the Global Settings options.

Note: the shifts should be created far enough in advance that they will cover all holiday requests. Deductions on holiday allowances are made based on the shifts a holiday request affects. If the regular shifts have not yet been created for the holiday request period then no deductions will be made automatically (they can be manually added later).

The start date can also be used if the staff member’s regular shifts are changing on a specific date. Simply enter the change date and the previous pattern up to that date will be maintained. Existing regular shifts after the start date will be removed and new regular shifts added.