Staffing Ratios

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on October 03, 2019 09:38

Staffing Ratios are automatic warnings when staffing levels drop below a required ratio for the activity listed. For example, the ratios can alert you if you have too few first aiders on duty for a particular size of crowd.

They can be used for any number of types of shifts and you can have any number of ratios displayed at the same time.

Ratios are configured on a venue. Go to System > Venues > Manage Venues. Use the More button to manage Ratios.

Creating a Ratio

You’ll need to set a title for your ratio that you will understand.

You can then set times for the ratio of be in affect. This ensures you are not alerted to a lack of staff when you are closed. You can also set rules to ignore the ratios on specific nation and organisation holidays.

You’ll need to configure the “unit” that tells the system how many staff you need. This can be “customers”, “children under 2”, “calls per hour” - anything you need.

Provide the ratio you wish to always maintain; e.g. 100 customers per staff member. You can also set a warning level so that if it drops below that level then you’ll see a warning message. Finally, you can also set a minimum staffing level; this will be the lowest number of staff you can have with the roles regardless of the ratio.

The default number of units allows you to set the normal expected level rather than having to manually add this every day. You can then just edit this as needed.

The final section is the roles/skills to be included. This stipulates which roles should be part of meeting this ratio. You can include only staff working in those roles within the venue or just if you have staff on duty who also have those roles.

You can have as many different ratios, separate or overlapping on a single venue. These will all be displayed.

Viewing the ratios

Once configured, the ratios will appear immediately:

Edit button on the right will allow you to set the expected units for this day and therefore adjust your ratios.

Ratios will be displayed as Green OK (working ratios met), Orange (warning that the ratios are close to being breached) and Red (ratio rule has been breached).

The ratios will be displayed on the grid and week views.