Venue Staffing Budgets

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:43

The budget feature within StaffSavvy allows you to display budget target information before a shift and report on your adherence to the budget afterwards.

Budgets are set and managed per venue and can be enabled/disabled for each one. There are two calculation methods for the budget:

  • Basic Fixed Budget (you simply enter the budget for staff costs for that day)
  • Sales Take Percentage (you set your staff budget as a percentage of your sales. Each day you enter your sales target and actual sales)

Budget Deviation

When setting up the budget confirmation on the venue, you will be asked to provide an acceptable deviation percentage. This is the amount that you are happy for the staff costs to be above or below your target and label it a success.

Staff costs that are heavily below the target staff costs normally indicates that there was problems with service during a shift. This is they understaffing is treated the same as over staffing.

Setting Targets

Once budgets are enabled on your venue, you will find two additional columns on Manage Shifts. This first column will be where you enter the target information for that day. For fixed budget venues, this will purely be the staff budget you need to hit. For percentage take budgets, it will ask for your sales target.

As soon as the target information is entered, you will see the budget indicator bar appear to the right. This will be highlighted orange if the the current estimate for the shift is outside of the acceptable budget deviation. It will give you a percentage compared to your target too.

Target Details

On the Manage Shifts page for a particular day or Manage Shift Timeline page, you will now see a breakdown of the budget target and your adherence to that.

When over/under budget:

You can clearly see the sales target followed by the actual staff target (based on the staff cost percentage). This is followed by your total estimated staff costs for this shift.

The red box shows the exact value to reduce the shift cost by to be in budget (that is, to be within the budget deviation percentage) and the orange bar shows your overall percentage to budget. You can also choose to see this as a simple staff cost percentage instead.

When on budget:

The right hand side will update to confirm the shift is on budget and the shine green.

When using the shift timeline page, the costs will dynamically update as you drag the shift times up and down.