Break Policies

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:04

You can configure a default break policy and add more break policies and to assign them to different contracts. This means staff can be entitled to different breaks depending on their contract (and with multiple contracts, they can be using different break policies for different roles).

Access the break policy management under System > HR Configuration > Break Policies. You will see your existing default policy that you can edit along with options to add a new policy.

Break policies are made up of groups; each group covers a length of shift. So if you want a break policy for any shifts over 6 hours, create a group with the shift lengths set to 6 hours and 1 minute (so over 6 hours) and choose a maximum length. This can be very long to cover all shifts lengths.).

Note: to prevent any confusion, make sure your break groups do not overlap.

Once you have a group setup then you can add breaks to that group. Each break is just a duration and a note to say if it’s paid or not.

You can then choose which break policy applies under each contract within the Breaks tab.