Check In Forms

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on February 18, 2021 08:45


Check in forms are designed as short multi-choice forms that can be completed quickly and often. The results of the forms are not normally communicated.

Answers within the forms can be marked as raising an alarm which can then be used to cancel shifts, create tasks, send emails etc.

It’s perfect for quick check-ins to see if there are any concerns from a staff member or to confirm they have the correct safety equipment or no health concerns.

Check in forms can currently be assigned by a trigger or assigned as part of a shift or clock in.

Creating and managing Forms

Check in Forms are created and managed under System > Performance and Welfare > Check in Forms.

New forms can be created using the Create new Check in option in the Actions menu. All existing check in forms will be displayed below in the management list.

Each form can have a category set that allows you to filter the forms by those categories. In the example above there is a COVID-19 category.

Check in forms are version controlled, just like many of the other forms and tools. This means that to make changes to a form, you need to create a new draft, make your changes and then publish the draft.

Only published forms can be assigned and completed.

For draft check in forms, you have quick access to edit their details (simply the title currently), the questions, publish the draft and, under the more option, the options to copy, set a category and delete.

Managing Check In Questions

Above is an example of the question management page for check in forms. At the top is the option to add a question; simply enter the question content and click Add.

The questions will be displayed below in the list. Each one can have multiple answers and you can use the blue arrows to recorder the questions.

When editing the answers for a question, you will see a popup similar to this example:

Add each of the options you want to offer the staff member to the list. If you need more options, use the Plus icon to add another row.

The checkbox allows you to raise an alarm if that answer is selected. The alarmed answers can trigger different events and notifications so it allows you to raise alarms on multiple questions or multiple answers. If any of the alarmed answers are chosen then the alarm will be raised.

Once you have completed adding/editing your questions and answers then don’t forget to publish the draft so that it becomes live and in use.

Assigning Forms

Check in forms are designed to be assigned automatically; there isn’t currently a manual option to assign a form to a staff member.

  • Assign on an upcoming shift
    Setup the check in forms on a venue’s Shift Configuration tab. This allows you to set how many hours before the shift the form should be requested and what happens if the staff member triggers an alarm when answering the form.
  • Assign on clock in
    Setup the check in forms on a venue’s clock in configuration tab. This allows you to set what should happen if they trigger an alarm when completing the form.
  • Assign using a trigger
    Assigning a check in form can be set within a trigger. This allows you to assign a form after X days of being employed, X shifts worked or when other events happen.

Reporting on Check In Forms

You can report on all completed forms or view those completed by a staff member.

To view all forms simply go to Reports > Performance and Welfare > Check In Reports.

Here you will be able to filter the dates and forms at the top as well as only viewing the forms that have raised alarms.

Viewing the details page will display further information including all answers provided:

If the check in was linked to a shift or time entry then the linked details will be shown. The check in details will also be shown on the time entry or shift details page so the information can be easily accessed.

To view all of the check in forms completed by a staff member, use the Check In Report under their Reports action menu on their profile page.

Here you will see all of their completed forms and you can filter by form, date range and if they raised alarm.

Alarms and Notifications using Triggers

By default the Check In forms won’t send notification emails or alerts. These can however be configured using our Triggers feature.

Under System > Manage Triggers use the option at the top to Create a new trigger.

Add a titler and some notes so you can keep track of what each trigger does. In the Trigger When… drop down, choose one of the options under the Check In title; one is triggered when a form is completed for a shift and the other when a form is completed for a time entry. You will need to add two triggers if you want notifications to be sent for both events.

Choose the check in form you want to create the alerts for and set any exemptions or filters as needed. Once saved, you will be asked to add an action.

The actions are what the system will do when the form has been completed and raised an alarm. The most common is an email to line managers.

In the title/note field, enter what this action will do so you can keep track if you want the system to do multiple email or actions. In the “What should we do?” Drop down, choose the option for you (e.g. Email to Line Managers).

Complete the Subject and Message boxes. You can use the mail merge tags displayed at the bottom. For example #name# to include the staff member’s name and link to their profile.

Click Save. Once created, you will need to turn on the trigger. View the list of triggers and click the Turn on button to enable this trigger.

Lots of other combinations and options are available on the triggers so you can create multiple emails, tasks and other actions when an alarm is raised.