Contract Manipulation Rules

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on October 03, 2019 09:48

The contract manipulation rules are a very powerful set of rules that can be employed to update a staff member’s paid or worked hours based on a range of filters.

Create the rules under Wages > Contracts Contract Manipulation Rules. When editing or adding a new rule, you will be presented with a series of filters that you can use to tell StaffSavvy when to apply the rule. These can be between specific times, days, national or organisation holidays, when working so many days a week or when working over a number of hours.

Once the rule has been reached, you can tell the system to manipulate the paid hours and/or any hours deducted from the staff members contracted hours. For example, you can configure the rule to automatically pay double time on bank holidays; there are many, many possibilities.

The system will still maintain the actual hours worked and will use these for contract limits and rules; it is simply the hours paid that will be adjusted.

When a rule is in affect, a breakdown of the rules will be shown on both the shift details and the time entry details pages.

Shift budgets will take into account any of the contract rules too so that the predicted cost of a shift will be correct.