Dynamic Right To Work Management

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:01

The process

  1. New staff register on the site and are authorised by a manager. Alternatively, they can be invited or have their account created for them by a manager.
  2. When they log in, they will be informed that they have not yet proven their right to work in the UK and they must prove this before they can work. Staff will not be able to take shifts or be rota’d by managers at this stage.
  3. Staff are asked to complete a questionnaire on what documents they can provide to you. This is taken from the Government online questionnaire and will aim to assign them to a classification. The classification simply stipulates the documents they have stated they can provide to prove their right to work in the UK.
  4. Once classified, the staff member is shown a list of the documents they need to provide and are informed where to take the documents.
  5. If there are documents that the staff member can upload themselves (such as term times) then they are invited to do that via the site. The uploaded document will still need to be checked by a manager before being accepted.
  6. The staff member will now need to take the physical documents to your stated location to be reviewed and copies taken.
  7. The managers will now need to upload copies of the documents. This is completed via the Right to Work Report, accessed either via the notifications on the dashboard or via the Staff menu option.
    1. Manager finds the staff member on the Right to Work report and clicks Upload/verify documents
    2. A list of the required documents will be listed and each one should be uploaded.
    3. When uploading each document, the staff member will be informed of the points to check on the document. They will be asked to enter an expiry date if this is present on the document.
    4. The manager will finally be asked to certify that they believe the document to be valid
  8. Once all documents are uploaded and validated, the staff member will be informed that their documents are in order and they can now either work or complete further on-boarding steps.
  9. If a document expires in the future, the staff member will be informed before expiry and will repeat steps 4 to 8.


The built-in questionnaire will automatically assign the staff members to the expected correct classification. This should not need manager interaction at all and has been built using plain English and using images of the documents where available.

Some staff might not be able to be classified using this questionnaire and they will be informed to speak to the HR team to work out how they can prove their right to work in the UK.

The classifications are provided by StaffSavvy with the system. If required, additional classifications can also be added. The custom classifications can only be assigned by a manager manually to each staff member using the Right to Work report. A custom classification can require any number of document types. Each document type must be provided to confirm the staff member’s right to work.

Uploading Documents

The right to work report is the easiest place to start when uploading documents. It allows a search for a staff member’s name along with looking for staff without Right to Work proof or that have proof expiring soon.

To upload a document, click Upload/Verify Documents.

This report will show you the documents that this employee need to provide.

Upload a Document

Simply click the upload document button. This will take you to a page where it will ask you to select the document to upload. On a mobile phone, you can select photos of the document to upload. You can upload any document type. If you are uploading multiple pages of the same document then simply select all of the images at the same time. StaffSavvy will combine these into one document when they are uploaded.

Review the notes about checking the document. The person uploading the document is ultimately responsible for confirming this staff member has the right to work in the UK.

Verify a Document

If the document can be uploaded by the staff member then it might need to be verified. In this case, the uploaded copy just needs to be checked that the document appears correct and the required information is provided.

Review the notes about checking the document. The person verifying the document is ultimately responsible for confirming this staff member has the right to work in the UK.

Expiring Documents

If a required document has been uploaded with an expiry date, both manager and staff will be informed before the document expires.

Managers will see the information on the dashboard notifications and staff will receive both an email warning and a large warning on their dashboard.

Staff will automatically be blocked from taking any shifts that go past the expiry date of the document.

New documents will need to be uploaded to continue; this process follows the same steps as a new staff member. Staff can also change their classification if their circumstances have changed.