On-Boarding Steps

Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 22, 2022 17:58

Ensuring that a staff member is correctly setup with all relevant paperwork and forms completed is normally a challenge for large, high-turnover work forces. On-boarding Steps aims to make this easy and push the onus on completing the steps down to the staff members themselves.

Onboarding Steps are perfect for organisation-wide steps. You can use Role Requirements to add additional items that specific jobs require.

You can set the order the items need to be completed and require previous steps to be completed before continuing to the next group.

Creating the Steps

Steps can be added at any time. They will then only apply to staff who have not completed all of the steps so far. It is possible to require all staff to complete that additional step, using the option available via System > HR Settings > Manage On-Boarding Steps.

When creating a step, you will be asked to confirm the requirements needed for each step (details on these are listed below). Some steps require further information which will need to be displayed to you once you’ve chosen the type of step.

Completion Gates are an option you can enable on some or all steps when editing. This means that the staff member will not be asked to continue unless they have completed that step and all previous steps.

This allows you to group the steps into groups which need to be done together.

Once a step has been created, you can also edit it to get access to an additional step; you can enable limited or complete access to shifts once the step is completed. This allows you to put steps such as employee reference numbers or profile photos after the staff member has been granted access to take shifts.

Employment Eligibility Proven

This simple step will simply ensure the staff member has had all of their documents checked and copies uploaded to the site.

Additional Document Required

This allows you to require any document or combination of documents to be provided above the normal Employment Eligibility proof. A common example is either the P45 or New Starter Form.

To require one of these documents, create a new Document Type (under the System > HR Settings > Manage Document Settings) that is called something like “P45 of New Starter Form”. In the description, you can provide information to your staff members about providing either their last P45 or to download, complete and upload the New Starter Form. You can provide a link to the form too. For either the P45 or New Starter Form, you do not need to see the original so you can allow staff to upload their own copies and simply require that they are checked.

Once the new document type is added, this will be listed under the document type drop down within the steps.

Training Program or Training Certificate Completed

These two options allow you to require staff to complete a program of training or individual training stages as part of their on-boarding process. These might be online or physical courses. They can also be externally managed where staff upload their certificates back to StaffSavvy.

Contract Signed

This requirement will ensure that staff assigned to a digital-signature contract must review and sign their contact at this stage.

Field Set completed

This allows you to choose any of your field sets to ensure staff complete this information before they can be assigned shifts. Only fields marked required will be enforced.

Employe Reference Provided

This step *

Resource Library item viewed/downloaded

This step can force staff to view or download a particular page, document or link within the Resource Library. This is perfect to point staff at policy documents or additional information.

Exam Successfully Completed

Exams allow you to test the knowledge of staff with an automatically marked exam. Exams can have any number of questions and a highly customisable marking scheme. This is a great step to check if staff have read previous policy or legal documents or have knowledge of licensing laws etc.

Profile Photo Uploaded

This step will require staff to upload a profile photo to their account.

View Employee Onboarding Status

The current status of an employee’s onboarding progress is shown on Staff > Staff Settings > Manage Staff. It is displayed as a traffic light icon to the right of their name under the ‘Manage’ option.

  • [Red] In Progress and no access to shifts
  • [Yellow] In Progress but has access to one or more shifts
  • [Green] Complete
  • [Off] Exempt

Clicking on the icon will display a full breakdown of the employee’s status.

The popup displayed all of the steps and which ones the employee has completed and which are in progress. Steps they do not yet need to complete will be marked as grey.

There are options on the popup to change the status. Either this will offer to set the status to Exempt or Complete, or it will offer to reset the on-boarding status so that the staff member must complete all steps. If they have already completed some steps then this will automatically be set as completed.

Avoiding / Completing Onboarding Steps

If you have an existing employee who does not need to complete the onboarding steps then you can “exempt” them from needing to complete the steps at all.

Use the Manage Staff page to search for the employee. Click on the traffic light to the right of their name under ‘Manage’. This will show you their onboarding status. At the bottom is an option to mark them as exempt. This will disable the on-boarding steps for this employee.

You can also use this option to mark the on-boarding steps as complete. There is little difference between being exempt or marking their steps as complete. It can be used to separate existing employees and those who have completed all steps that apply to them.