Personnel Records

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on January 25, 2021 13:27

Personnel Records

These records sit within the staff member’s profile page and can automatically expire after a certain period of time.

When they are created, the manager is presented with a template they can customise and adjust for the staff member or incident concerned.

Created Personnel Record Templates

You can create and edit the record templates under System > HR Settings > Personnel Record Templates.

You’ll be asked to provide a title along with the Active Duration. All the active duration does is automatically move the items from the Active Records box to the Archived Records box.

Beneath these options are the permissions to view the records and who can add the records to the staff member’s profile. Ensure the permission to view includes those who can add the records otherwise they won’t be able to view the records they have added to a staff member’s profile.

You then have Guidance for managers and the actual Template Text. The guidance is displayed above the template content when a manager is completing the record on a staff member’s profile. The actual text is the template they will see and can edit.

Within the template text box you can add dynamic content tags such as [date] and [recipient] to automatically merge in some of the relevant details. A full list of the available options is displayed just below the text box.

Requesting a Signature

If you want the staff member to sign to acknowledge the record, you simply need to include the tag [recipient signature] within the text.

The system will recognise this and automatically email the staff member to inform them that a signature has been requested. It will also display on their dashboard.

Assigning a Record to a Staff Member

Under a staff member’s profile, use the Actions menu to fine Documents > Add personnel record.

You will be shown a list of the record types you can assign:

And then will be shown the template text that you can update or expand before adding to the staff member’s record.

Completed records will be displayed on the Personnel Records tab of the staff member’s profile.