Staff Documents & Document Types

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:11

Staff have full access to all documents that are uploaded by them or you to their account. These also include their Right to Work documents.

You can request or allow staff to upload or digitally complete their own documents too. This is often connected to the onboarding process, role requirements or triggers (coming soon!).

Document Types

StaffSavvy manages the document store using Document Types. A document type specifies what the document is and rules around who can upload it, delete it and if it needs to be checked by a manager.

You can manage the document types under the System > HR Settings > Staff Document Types.

Upload Document Type

Upload means staff must upload a copy of the document or an image of the completed document. It’s perfect for complex documents or copies of licences etc.

Append Signature Type

This allows you to display a library document and request a signature below the document to confirm the staff member has read and understood the document shown.

Digitally Completed Type

Digitally Completed means that staff are presented with a template of text and then are allowed to provide text in certain areas within the template. They then digitally sign the document to confirm their agreement and that the content is correct.

When using this document type, you need to provide the text for the document. You provide this within the Template text area. You can use a series of mail-merge fields to include information about the employee completing the document automatically.

There are four types of form fields available; single line (e.g. a small amount of text), text-block (a large, multi-paragraph amount of text), checkbox (e.g. check to confirm) or radio buttons (e.g. choose one from this list)

Radio buttons are slightly more complex to setup than the other fields. To allow them to work correctly, we need to know which radio buttons are part of the same group. This is the # within the [field-radiobutton-#] so add [field-radiobutton-1] multiple times to have multiple options that you must choose between. If you need another group of radio buttons, use [field-radiobutton-2]. You can have up to 100 groups of radio buttons.

You can also decide where to place their visual signature on the template with a mail-merge field.

Finally, you can set the declaration text. This is the text that the staff member is shown and asked to confirm as they sign the document.

Once completed, the digitally signed document is available to view online or download as a branded PDF.

Document Permissions

You have detailed permission controls per document type so that different documents can be accessed by different levels/line managers within the system. This prevents access to private information if required.

You can configure different rules for viewing, uploading and verifing documents.

Managers will need general access to view a staff member’s documents to either View or Upload them in addition to the permissions on the document type.

For verification, the managers will need to have the generic permission to verify documents in addition to any requirements on the document type.

Note: there is now a new permission for verifying right to work documents. This will apply to all system created document types.