Staff Profiles

Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 22, 2022 17:51

Every account has a detailed profile page. This profile page provides summary information about the staff member but also provides access to edit and update their account, view detailed reports and archive their account.

You can access the profile page by clicking on any staff member’s name when it’s in blue or their profile picture.

The information and options shown on a profile page will depend heavily on the access and permissions you have for that staff member. You might be able to see all the details, access all reports and make all changes. You might also only be able to see basic information such as name, venue and profile picture.

Actions Menu

The actions menu gives managers access to edit any part of the staff member’s profile from roles to venues, holiday bookings, absences, shift reports and more. Additionally, there is the option to ‘Become’ a staff member which allows you to view the Staff Savvy system from that employee's account to see how the website will appear to them.

From this menu you can also:

  • Edit a staff members role/details/venues
  • Create reports
  • Manage training progress
  • Send a personal message to staff member
  • View a staff member’s documents

Reports: Contact Tracing Report

This report allows for tracing of the locations and staff that a staff member has probably been in contact with using their shifts and time entries.

  • View the locations a staff member has been reported at over a period of time
  • View the other staff members at each of those locations during the same period
  • Create an alert to those staff members at a click of a button

There is also the option to send out an alert to all staff members in the report so you can advise them of any issues.

Reports : Holiday/Time Off Report

This report shows all of the entries recorded against a staff member’s holiday allowance. It allows for the days to be edited or removed as well as add missing entries.

Reports: Shift and Time Entries Report

This report shows a staff member all the shifts they have had between a chosen start and end date.

Reports: Check In Report

This report shows all of a staff member’s completed check in forms. These are more regular reports that can be used to keep track of staff health, well-being or ensuring a staff member has the right equipment for the day.

You can filter to only view forms that have raised alarms.

Custom Line Managers

Under the Actions menu, you are able to set custom line managers for this staff member. Without these set, they will default to having their home venue’s managers as their line managers.

It’s important to configure the venue manager’s line managers otherwise they will be assigned to manage themselves.

Basic Info

This tab includes generic information about the profile; where they are based, current access level, their line managers and anyone they line manage.

It will include employee numbers, PIN codes and last logged in dates depending on access and which features are enabled.

The staff member’s contact information will also be displayed and can include up to two email addresses and two phone numbers. Staff members can also provide details here for an Emergency Contact.

We also include a profile image and personal statement in the About Me section.

 Support Code

The support code is a private code visible only to the staff member and the StaffSavvy support team. It allows the support team to verify the staff member who has contacted them is the person they claim to be.

Do not share your support code with anyone other than the StaffSavvy support team.

Employment Details

This section includes details on the staff member’s employment with you. Start date, leaving dates along with assigned contracts.

You also have access to Employment Eligibility statuses, onboarding status and any payroll specific information.

Additional Details

This tab provides access to an array of data field sets. You can choose which data sets appear here. This is commonly used for addresses, demographic details and additional details you might wish to record.

Access to edit this information (if permitted) is under the Actions menu.

Training and Roles

This tab includes the staff member’s roles, exam results and training progress.

The roles will be displayed in a table and it will confirm if they are active and allowed to work that role, or if there are requirements outstanding. The details button will provide a breakdown of the requirements needed.

Training programs that the staff member can access are listed along with their current status and access to any digital certificates.

The exams list provides access to all completed exams and the details button includes a breakdown of their answers and scores.


This tab includes quick access to the staff member’s next 10 shifts, along with lifetime statistics about their shift management.


This will only be displayed if the staff member’s primary contract includes an absence policy.

From this tab a staff member can have absence recorded or removed, managers can see the different absence types and review reports for those.

There is also an automatic Bradford Factor calculation.

Personnel Record

Personnel Record entries allow for managers to create and store documents or letters from templates provided by system administrators.

The record can be of any content at all and can be fully customised by the manager when completing the entry.

Records will stay within the active panel for their set duration and then move to the historical panel for your records.

This is also where Welfare and Performance records will be displayed.


This provides details of the staff member’s primary contract; from expected hours to maximum hours. It also includes three summary boxes for the current period, last period and the upcoming period. If the contract is set to cover a week, these boxes will show this week, last week and next week.

They also provide quick access to detailed reports.


This tab is only shown if the staff member does not have a holiday allowance.

It will display any booked time off periods that have been approved alongside a summary of their weekly preferences as they provided.


This tab is only shown if the staff member has a holiday allowance.

This will show a summary of the staff member’s holiday bookings and a breakdown of their holiday entitlement and how it’s been currently used.

You can still access the staff member’s weekly preferences from the Reports > Availability Preferences section under the Actions menu.


This tab displays awards a staff member has received. From this tab you are also able to nominate a staff member for an award. You can edit the award title and the reason for the nomination.

Display Hourly Rates 

You can also add a display for hourly rates on a staff member’s profile. This includes a new ‘View Pay’ Permission. 

This should already be enabled but to ensure this has been enabled go to Manage Access Permissions and find under Clock in, Time Sheets, Pay & Expenses. This permission will be expanded to cover the protection of all pay displayed within the system; currently it just covers the new features.