Staff Record Field Sets

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on September 13, 2020 18:42

While StaffSavvy has long had a lot of options for collecting staff information, there has always been a limit. Now you can create any number of data sets and store any amount of information within them.

For example, you might want to create an organisation-specific section on Ethnicity and Diversity.

To do this go to System > Configuration > HR Settings > Manage Staff Data Fields. This will list the Field Sets within the organisation plus a few system options that you can enable if required.

To add a new Field Set, go to the actions bar and choose Add Field Set.

The screenshot above shows the add field set options. Here you can manage who has access to the information and who can edit the details.

In addition, you can configure where the information should be shown on the staff member’s profile page (if they have permission to view the details). You can also set the site to request the information on sign up for an account.

Once the field set is created then you can add fields to that set. The sets are purely there to help organise the information and permissions.

You can add fields under the Actions menu. When you add a field, you will see the following information form.

The title and detailed information will be shown to staff and managers alike. It is there to provide information to them on how the data should be used.

The Type of Field option obviously allows you to choose the type of data that this field will hold. Some of the options such as multiple select will require you to provide the options that can be selected.

These options will be expanded in the future.

The rest of the options on the form allows you to control how the information can be updated, if it must be provided and if the information can be searched for on the staff director page (if you have permission to view).

Summary Report

For each field, you can see a report of the answers provided by all active accounts. This will be presented in a list of all field answers, a total number of staff who chose that answer and a percentage.

View this from the list of fields within a field set.