Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:13

asks are a new and hopefully useful feature to help your automated workflows. Tasks are designed to be automatically created and assigned to staff to be completed.

Tasks can be assigned to individuals or to groups of staff such as teams or roles. This allows everyone assigned to access the task and complete it. It’s perfect for HR tasks automatically created by triggers.

Tasks can either be completed or dismissed (if allowed). You can decide who is allowed to mark as tasks as complete; either the individual staff member completes an action such as a document, they can be allowed to manually mark them as complete or they can be escalated to the task issuer for them to accept.

For example, a task might require the assigned staff member to provide some information. Once supplied, the tasks is escalated to the issuing group which is the HR team. They can then review the information and either reject the task and assign it back or mark the tasks as complete.

Another example is a task that would require staff to provide proof of their bank details once they provide or update them. The task will direct the staff member to the upload page to provide the document. Once provided, the task will be marked as complete automatically.

Tasks also include the option to have a full conversation within the task between the assigned staff members and the task issuers (such as the HR team). This allows for clarification or communication about a task.

Task will normally be created by a trigger but you also have the option to create tasks manually under Staff > Create Tasks.