TOIL (Time Off In Lieu) / Flexi Time / Rolling Hours

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on October 01, 2020 09:52

StaffSavvy has three options for TOIL reporting; automatic, manual and a combination of both.

Automatic is the most common and is also used to allow hours to be rolled between months even if staff are not permitted to take a paid day off and are simply assigned less days to work to equal hours.

TOIL is setup under each contract and you can choose how many hours can be rolled as well as the size chunks of time that can roll too.

Once configured, the system will automatically calculate hours owned based on rolling hours. This will be shown within the staff member’s account and will be used whenever assigning hours.

For the manual options, staff can make TOIL requests from their profile pages and they will be displayed to managers to approve on the TOIL Report.

The system will automatically roll hours as per your settings forever. This can cause a problem if adding TOIL to an existing account as you often want to start TOIL reporting from a specific date. You might also want to reset TOIL at the start of each company year.

In both cases, you can use the manual adjustments option available under the Actions menu on the Contracted Hours Report to make changes to the TOIL hours. Here you can either add/subtract hours or you can tell the system to start the hours afresh in the next period. This means the staff member will show 0 rolled hours in the next period.

Claiming against TOIL hours

If you have hours approved in your account then you should claim any time off against those hours. This ensures that you claims are recorded against hours earned. It is particularly important if you have a time limit on when you can use the hours by.

If you don't make claims against the hours in your account then you can be in a situation when the hours owed to you have expired but the hours you have taken back are still valid and show your total as negative hours.

To claim against your TOIL balance, either go to your TOIL report (under your profile, use the actions menu at the top. Reports > Manual TOIL Report). On the report, simply use the Claim Against button.

You can also add a claim against a TOIL balance from your profile page. Got to the Holiday & TOIL tab and click the Add new TOIL Request. In the box, you will see an option to claim hours back and to choose which of your balances to claim against:

Once you are claiming against hours, you will see a summary box at the top which shows you how much time you can claim back. You can only claim back up to the total hours in your original request. So if you requested 10 hours of TOIL then you can put multiple claims in for those hours until there are none left.

Note: If you need to claim more hours than is available under a single entry then you will need to make multiple claims for the same day. This will ensure your TOIL balances are correctly recorded and accounted for.

Your TOIL request will go through the usual approval process but you will now receive a clearer summary of your TOIL balance and your usage:

Manager Options

A manager has additional options within the Manual TOIL Report. These options allow the manager to add additional entries to a claim even if it will reduce the total below zero.

They can also delete entries, edit them and connect/disconnect.

The connect/disconnect options allow for entries to be assigned to each other so they display in the groups shown on the report.

For example, in the image below, the 03/09/2020 entry is not connected to the Tiger Day on the 08/08/2020. Using the Connect option, a manager can assign that claim against the Tiger Day balance.