StaffSavvy Essentials: Access Levels

Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 20, 2022 13:16

StaffSavvy Essentials is provided with a standard set of access levels. Below describes what each of the levels can broadly do or access within the system.

Old Staff

Access to the system that includes seeing basic account information for colleagues (names, profile images etc) plus access to their own account information and the ability to see their expected pay.


The same access as Old Staff with the addition of being able to set their own availability.

Duty Manager

Everything a staff member can do plus:

  • View email addresses
  • View phone numbers
  • Manage Shifts (create, edit and cancel)
  • Set shift attendance reasons
  • View full rotas for days working
  • Manage training courses (create, edit and lead courses)
  • Create and email news items
  • Send emails to staff directly
  • Send SMS messages to staff directly (if credits allowed and if SMS is enabled)
  • Manage Staff Events (credit, edit, view attendees and cancel)

Duty Manager Plus

Everything a duty manage can do plus:

  • Create new accounts
  • Assign skills to staff members
  • Create teams and assign staff to teams
  • Add personal records to a staff member's account
  • Archive a staff member's account
  • Assign which venues staff can work in
  • Edit basic settings on venues they have access to
  • Create staff accounts
  • Edit employment details for a staff member (start date, leaving dates, types of employment)
  • Manage staff contracts
  • Assign staff member access levels (up to Duty Manager Plus level)
  • Edit a staff member's details
  • Upload documents to a staff members account
  • Manage clock in screen PIN codes
  • View and approve holiday
  • View Right to Work status
  • Complete access to all shift information include budgets and bulk rota tools
  • Manage staff time entries and create wage sheets
  • Complete management of training
  • Ability to create and send Alerts


Everything a duty manager plus can do and...

  • Manage all venues
  • View invoices
  • Create and manage skills
  • Create and manage operation groups of venues
  • View archived staff and restore them
  • Automatic access to all venues 
  • God mode: take control of any account
  • View private staff details such as DOB and bank details

Setting up Access Levels

Access levels are set up and managed under Staff > Staff Settings > Access Levels.

We provide default access levels but we recommend these are customised for your organisation so they fit with your terminology and hierarchy. Access levels are critical for managing permissions in the system but they also allow some additional features.

Each access level can have its own unique set of permissions assigned to it which might not share any similarities with other access levels (e.g. HR and Payroll teams might have completely different permissions). In general however, the levels have more access to the system as you go down the list.

You can copy, create afresh or remove any of the levels which are not in use by active accounts on the system. The View button allows you to see who is assigned to an access level.

Access Level Options

When editing or creating a level, you have several options which dictate how it will be used.

In the general tab:

  • Show as Team LeaderIn the basic teams feature, you can display some staff as team leaders. This is determined by their access level. Check this box to make staff with this access level team leaders for the team they are in.
  • Account Type
    • Personal AccountDefault option. Staff sign in to this account and it’s a personal account for them.
    • Supplier AccountRemoves restrictions such as working two shifts at once or any personal details. Designed for suppliers of staff or resources so they can log in and see staff requirements.This also allows them to add worker’s names to their shifts so managers can see who they should expect to show up to work.
    • Suspended Account

No access to system and suspended rules apply

  • Shift AccessAllows accounts to be assigned shifts by the system. Also, can be used to block staff from being assigned shifts. Cover Shift CreditsCover shift credits is a system to help manage cover requests and encourage staff to cover each other and pick up additional shifts. This option allows you to exempt some levels from these rules (if they are in use).
  • IconStaff will have this icon next to their name and image when adding messages or posts.

Under the security tab:

  • Password RotationThis allows you to enforce a policy of password rotation for accounts on this access level.
  • Password ReuseThis allows you to prevent the same password being reused on an account for a certain number of days.
  • Multi-Factor AuthenticationThis allows you to require use of multi-factor authentication on access of this level. It allows you to enforce this recommended security feature for accounts. We recommend it for all accounts with access to personal data.Staff will be required to install a MFA app on their personal devices so that a security code can be generated that allows them to log in. Any TOTP Multi-factor app is supported.