Clock In Screens

Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 21, 2022 09:26

StaffSavvy primarily uses “clock in screens” to record the actual hours worked. Clock-in screens are simply any browser that has been authorised by an approved manager to use as a clock in location for staff members to be signed in. They can be laptops, EPOS tills, desktops; any internet browser. We recommend using Android tablets secured to the wall where staff start work or duty managers are positioned regularly.

We recommend the Android and iOS software SureFox Pro to secure the tablets and prevent anyone using them for other purposes. This also keeps the tablets switched on permanently and removes toolbars from the top and bottom of the screen. We have a guide on the best setup to use for Surefox Pro; contact for details.

Authorising A Clock In Screen

To setup a clock in screen, simply direct the browser of your clock in screen device to your URL followed by '/clockin'.


The screen will load a form that needs to be completed to authorise the location. As part of this, there is a title for your reference and a selection option to choose which venues within your organisation should be displayed on this screen. You will need to enter your email address and password to authorise the screen. Only certain users are allowed to authorise screens.

You can have as many clock in screens authorised as you need and they can each show different combinations of venues.

Editing a clock in screen

You can edit the settings for a single clock in screen via the Pay > Manage Clock In Screen page.

Here you can see the active screens and click the edit button to change. You can also deauthorise a screen remotely which will instantly stop the screen from working.

Editing the screen provides access to change the name, the venues/outlets displayed on it and to turn on role or task filters. The filters enable you to only display shifts that are for these roles or tasks within the clock in screen.

For example, you might have one screen on the bar and one in the kitchen. The staff schedule is all in a single venue but the clock in screens can be split so show the kitchen roles on the kitchen screen and the bar roles on the bar screen.

Using the Screen

he clock in screens show the time in the top left and a series of tabs below this across the page.

You can also show a live webcam feed in the top right to discourage staff clocking each other in.

The clock in screens shows the time in the top left and a series of tabs below this across the page. These tabs show all staff members expected for the current shifts and indicate whether they have clocked in or are late.You can also show a live webcam feed in the top right to discourage staff clocking each other in.

Filter Settings

You can apply filters to each of the screens to choose certain roles or shift tasks to be displayed on that screen. To configure the Filters, you need to edit the screen from the main website. Go to Pay > Mange Clock in Screens > Edit > Clock In Locations.

Edit your clock in location.

If you don’t know which location your screen is (due to duplicate names etc) then you can use the Screen Location Number. On the screen, click the Evacuation tab. At the bottom of the screen should be a Screen Info button. This button should provide a popup that includes the Location Reference Number. Find this number in the list on the main website to make sure you are updating the correct screen.

When editing from the ‘Manage Clock in Screen’ page, you will see the ability to rename the screen, change the assigned venues and then also to apply role and/or shift task filters. Once saved, the screen should refresh itself within 60 seconds and show the new filtered staff lists and shifts.

Placement of Screens

We recommend that clock in screens are positioned where duty managers or supervisors have regular access. While the screen will do everything possible to accurately record who is present or not, there is no substitute for effective people management.

Having easy access to the screen allows the management team to keep track of staff lateness, prompt clocking out and breaks. This might require you to invest in more screens at the start however the benefits will be shown in reduced admin time and better control over staff costs.

Web Cam / Clock In Photos

The screens can use any attached or embedded webcams to capture an image of the staff member clocking in/out. The feed from the camera can also be displayed on the screen as both notification of the camera’s operation plus a deterrent from clocking in colleagues without them being present.

This option is enabled under System >Configuration > Global Settings > Configuration > Time Entries /Clock Ins.

Once enabled, the screens will refresh. Depending on the settings of your browser, you might need to allow webcam access by the site. This should be shown as a popup or warning icon within the browser.


The timeline view shows all staff expected at this location over the next few hours. The shifts are colour coded to match the skills of the shift.

This provides the management team with an easy access view as to when more staff are due and when other staff should be leaving.


The clock in screen is designed to show breaks for employees who are currently working at your location. The breaks available to them are based on the length of shift they are scheduled to do. Breaks settings can be configured under Global Settings > Configuration. This setting allows you to control how breaks are taken.Staff should clock out for a break using the break option so the system understands they are on a break and will be due back.

To go on a break, a staff member either touches their name on the main screen and chooses the applicable break or you can use the Start Break button on the Break List tab.

The screen will automatically calculate the time for the staff member to come back.

Unpaid breaks will be deducted until the staff member returns.

Paid breaks will be recorded until the end of the paid break. If the staff member has not returned, the system will stop the paid break and start an unpaid break automatically. This will end once the staff member clocks back in from their break.

The break list will update to show staff who have breaks remaining. Staff who do not use their full break will also be listed along with how much time they have left to take.


The evacuation tab provides access to our Evacuation button. When pressed, the supervisors on duty will be sent SMS messages with the list of currently working staff.

You can configure your supervisors for the purposes of the evacuation notification under System > Configuration > Evacuation Alerts.

Unexpected Shift

This screen allows staff to clock in with a PIN code (if they have one). This therefore allows staff to clock in without a planned shift. This should only be used by staff who need the ability to clock in anytime.

If all staff have a PIN code then they can also clock in early for shifts and entitle themselves to unlimited breaks (as the system doesn't know how long they are due to be working).

The time entry approval process is also longer as there is no plan to check the time entry against.

Transfer Staff Member

Sometimes it is necessary to transfer staff members either between roles (e.g. bar staff to supervisor role) or between venues. This can be done at the point of change via the clock in screens so that you accurately record when staff change pay rates or cost centres.

To transfer a staff member, you need to first set up which venues can share staff. This can be navigated by System > Venues > Manage Venues > Clock in. Under the Clock In Settings for each Venue, you will see a section for Transferring Staff. Ensure the venues you want to be able to send staff to from this venue are selected.

Managers who need to transfer staff will also need a PIN code to authorise the change on the clock in screens. You can assign PIN codes under their Profile Page using the Actions menu under the Edit Details tab.

To transfer a staff member on the screen, just click on their name from the main staff list.Under the Break options there is a Transfer Staff Member button. You will be asked for your PIN code to authorise the transfer. Then choose the venue the staff member is moving to (including the current venue if you are just changing roles). Then choose the destination role.

The staff member will then be transferred to the new venue. This will create a linked time entry so that the hours can be correctly reported.

If the time entry is edited, it will automatically update any other linked time entry. E.g. if you change the end time then the start time of the following time entry will be updated to match. This prevents any staff member from being paid twice for the same period of time accidentally.

Contract Limits Warning

Staff who are assigned to a hard limit contract (e.g. hour-limited visas) will have warnings displayed under their name as they approach the limits under their contracts. This is designed to help managers send these employees home before they hit their working limit. The information is also shown to the staff member as it is also their legal responsibility not to work over their limit.

Screen Information

Under the evacuation tab is a Screen Info button right at the bottom of the page.

This provides access to the name of the screen, its screen location number, the venues displayed along with any role or shift task filters.

The popup will also show a history of internet connectivity so you can see if there has been any issues within this current session. This log is reset when the screen is restarted or refreshed remotely.

Deactivate/Deauthorize Screen

Under the evacuation tab is a Deauthorize Screen button right at the bottom of the page.

This will remove the clock in screen so that this device cannot be used for clocking in again. This can also be done remotely from the Pay > Manage Clock In Screens page.