Daily Review

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:46

The daily review is designed to help managers approve the hours worked while it’s still fresh. It’s designed to work on your mobile and can be accessed throughout the day to approve worked times as the shifts are completed. It can also be used just at the end of the day or in the following days.

The review page will display all shifts that have not been approved regardless of when they happened. The page will split these into days so you can approve each day as needed.

Within a day, the page will split the shifts into different blocks depending on how much review is suggested.

  • Normal Shifts
    These shifts were all worked to the shift plan or less so there is no negative impact on your budget. You can approve this all in one go or click on view and edit to check each one.
  • Additional Hours
    These shifts are longer than the plan and you can either approve them or edit them down to the correct length.
  • Unexpected Shifts
    These are shifts that did not appear on the plan. They can be shifts that were clocked in via PIN or remotely if these options are used.
  • Active Staff
    Any staff members still clocked in will be displayed with an option to clock out now or to clock out and reset their times to the shift plan.
  • Confirm Non-attendance
    Any staff who do not clock in for a planned shift will also be displayed with option to add a time entry for them or to provide a non-attendance reason.
  • Confirm Lateness
    Any staff who has been automatically flagged as late will be shown here. You can simply confirm or reject each of the lateness flags. Rejecting a flag will mark them as attended on time but will not change their clock in time.