Process Wages (and time entry overview)

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:48

This page presents you with the full list of unprocessed wages - the total hours and cost, as well as unauthorised hours and cost, is listed in the Summary at the top of the page. It is designed to show you a longer period of shifts and the total that will be paid out.

It can also be used to create small wagesheets containing just a few time entries or the time entries for a certain venue for a short period. This is useful if you have agreed to pay certain shifts quickly or out of sync for all other shifts.

This page allows you to make adjustments on what has - or has not - been worked to ensure that the wages correctly reflect the staff member’s shifts, hours, as well as your policy on overtime.

The Actions button in the corner of the menu allows you to:

  • Add unlisted time entry
    You can add an unlisted time entry to the list to be processed (see 2.1 Adding Extra Shifts for more details).
  • Add Paid Holiday Shift
    You can add a paid holiday shift to the list to be processed (see 2.1 Adding Extra Shifts for more details).
  • Reset clock in/out times
    You can reset a clock in or out time if you have made changes that you want to revert. Select the shift that you want to reset the times for and submit.
  • Finalise selected shifts
    You can select specific shifts to finalise and move to the wage sheet.
  • Finalise all shifts
    You can select all shifts to finalise and move to the wage sheet.

There may be times that you need to make adjustments to some of the shift information. To do so, select the staff member or member’s that you would like to adjust details for using the checkbox on the far right, then make the adjustments using the white box below. Finally, click change to confirm your changes.

Clicking on the staff member’s name shows you the breakdown of their shift(s). The pencil icon allows you to edit their clock in and clock out times, whilst the green check icon allows you to approve their overtime shift:


The site can automatically calculate both paid and unpaid breaks for staff members of different shift lengths. Create and manage the break policies under System > HR settings > Shift Break Policies

Breaks can be manually added, edited and removed from the Unprocessed Wages page. Simply click on the time under the break’s title on a particular shift and the following will be displayed:

This panel displays both existing breaks and the ability to add a break.

Paid breaks are kept for records only. Unpaid breaks will deduct the time from the total hours paid to the staff member. One of the options for StaffSavvy is that if any staff member comes back more than a few minutes late from a paid break, then the difference is added as unpaid. Meaning the staff member is deducted any additional time when they were on break but shouldn’t have been.

To edit a break time, just select it using the radio buttons on the left and set the times as needed underneath. Click Change to adapt it. The bin icon will remove it completely.

Creating a Wagesheet

The normal process is for a single wagesheet to be created from all venues via the Wagesheet page. If you need to create smaller wagesheets or special wagesheets that just cover certain shifts or time ranges within a single venue then you can do that from this page.

Once you are happy with the shift information you can choose to confirm or finalise selected or all shifts (click the Actions button in the menu to see these options).

You can also add an optional wagesheet caption, which appears on the Wage Sheet list. Once you’re happy with the information, click “Confirm and generate wagesheet”. This will then process the shifts and generate the wagesheet.

Adding Unlisted Time Entries

You are able to add a time entry that is not listed or a paid holiday shift to the list so that it can be processed. Click “Add unlisted time entries” or “Add Paid Holiday Shift” from “Actions” within the menu. You will be presented with a form about that particular shift - the staff member, hours worked, role, and so on. Complete this then click “Add Clock Timesheet”. This will then add the shift to the list for processing.