Processing Selected Pay Items

Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 21, 2022 09:58

You can process pay items at a single venue or all venues at once. This allows multiple expense times to be processed at the same time.

To view Unprocessed Pay Items go to Pay > Add Pay Items. Choose the role you are interested in and you will be able to view all current expenses from all venues. To do this click to change Venue under the Filter tab. Then go to Venue Groups and select All Venues.

Creating a Wage sheet

The normal process is for a single wage sheet to be created from all venues via the 'wage sheet' page under Pay > View Wage Sheets > Create Wage Sheet. If you need to create smaller wage sheets or special wage sheets that just cover certain shifts or time ranges within a single venue then you can do that from this page by unclicking 'Approved time sheets from all venues' and choosing the specific venue.

Once you are happy with the shift information you can choose to confirm or finalise selected or all shifts (click the Actions button in the menu to see these options).

You can also add an optional wage sheet caption, which appears on the Wage Sheet list. Once you’re happy with the information, click “Confirm and generate wage sheet”. This will then process the shifts and generate the wage sheet.

8.7.2. Adding Unlisted Time Entries

You are able to add a time entry that is not listed or a paid holiday shift to the list so that it can be processed. Click “Add unlisted time entries” or “Add Paid Holiday Shift” from “Actions” within the menu. You will be presented with a form about that particular shift - the staff member, hours worked, role, and so on. Complete this then click “Add Clock Timesheet”. This will then add the shift to the list for processing.

This contract option requires staff to confirm each time entry before it will be included in a wage sheet.

Managers still review and approve time entries at which point staff will receive notifications on their dashboards that there are time entries to confirm.

They can then review and confirm each one. Only confirmed time entries will be processed into wage sheets.

If the time entries are edited once confirmed by the staff member then their status resets and they will need to be confirmed again.

Enable the Time Entry confirmation option under the Shifts & Time entries tab when editing a Contract.