Wage Sheets

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:49

A wagesheet is simply a collection of approved time entries that have been grouped together for payment. Once they are in a wagesheet then the hours are locked and no editing can be done.

Creating a Wagesheet from approved time entries

The most efficient way to process wages is to simply create a wagesheet from all of the approved time entries. You can do this from the Control Wagesheets page. There is a button in the top right called Create Wagesheet.

It will display a set of options that allow you to choose venues, a cut of time for shifts and employee contracts.

The time period option is normally used for paying staff for shifts up to the end of a period (week, fortnight or month) several days after the end of the period and not including anything worked since then. This process is designed to include all approved time entries up to the cut of time so that nothing is missed accidentally.

It’s important to note that midnight is the start of the day so 12:00am on Friday 10th of Jan is midnight between the Thursday and Friday.

Unapproved Times Warning

If there are any unapproved time entries that are in the selected venues, time period and contracts that will not going to be included in the wagesheet then a warning will be displayed.

The warning will tell you how many shifts are unapproved and in which venue.

You can still continue and create the wagesheet; it will simply not include these time entries. They will be included in the next wagesheet once they have been approved.

Viewing Wagesheets

You can view all previous wage sheets here. You can see the overall information about that wage sheet, including the date created, number of shifts involved, hours worked, net & holiday pay (if enabled) and the total wage value.

These can be downloaded or viewed within the browser. Within the “Actions” area of the menu, you can also combine multiple wage sheets into a single export. Downloads are available as CSV, Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 Payroll, Sage Payroll Bureau, or Simple Export files.

On this tab, you can download single wage sheets, merge wage sheets for download and even undo a wage sheet. Undoing a wage sheet will return all of the wages back for final approval. Automatic holiday will be removed and the wage sheet record will vanish.

This will allow you to then create a new wage sheet once any adjustments or corrections have been made.

Once you are happy with the wage sheet and you have processed your wages on your payroll software then you can “archive” the wage sheet. This will move it to the archived tab so you know it is complete and finished.

Please note that Archived wage sheets cannot be merged together or undone. They are for historical records only.

Clicking the View button shows you the particular wage sheet in more detail. From here you can then see a breakdown of each staff member’s wages by role or by shift.