Weekly Timesheet

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:46

If you wish to review shifts on a weekly basis instead then the Weekly Timesheet view is perfect. This shows you the full staff list and details who has worked in the past week (from today’s date). It shows who has worked, the type of shift that they have worked, and their hours.

The “Actions” menu allows you to missing entries, add paid holiday or paid illness, as well being able to print all timesheets or only those with shifts.

Managers can approve shifts by simply clicking the Approve button. This will approve the full week’s worth of shifts for that staff member. Approved shifts are shown with the green approved label on the right.

Clicking on a clock in/out time will allow the time entry to be edited.

Note: If a time entry is displayed in italics, it indicates these are times the staff member worked at a different venue. You can edit these times by going to the venue and viewing the time entries.

Quick Edit

The quick edit view allows you to simply type in the changes to time entries or add new entries by adding the times. See the quick view on manage shift week to see how this works.

It’s important to know that only staff with a default rota roll can have shifts added/edited like this (as the system needs to know where they should have worked). Once a time entry has been added, you can swap back to the normal view to edit the time entry details if required.